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Individual and small group training for responsible firearms owners.

FFL (01) services available for firearms purchases, transfers, and shipping assistance. See our FFL Services tab for more information.

Looking for an FFL who does not charge outrageous fees for your transfer? Look no further than EDGE Firearms. Our transfer policy is simple, $20 for any  two items on the same transfer. Bought a rifle and pistol? $20. Bought a pair of ARs? $20. We will gladly hold your first item until the second one arrives so that you are able to take advantage of this policy.

*Please Note - We are a Home-based FFL. We do NOT have a storefront. If you choose EDGE Firearms for your FFL needs, your transfer will be completed in our home. If you do not feel comfortable with completing your transfer paperwork in a home, please choose a different FFL.

For full contact information/details, please see our Contact tab.

EDGE Firearms is a disabled Marine Corps veteran owned company.

Gunfighting is fifty percent shooting and fifty percent not getting shot.