EDGE Firearms

Our Philosophy

  • Every person legally able to own a firearm has the right to own a firearm.
  • Every person who owns a firearm should know how to operate, shoot, clean, and store their firearm safely.
  • Every person legally permitted to can carry a firearm for personal protection.
  • Unfortunately not every firearm owner has the knowledge or skills to apply these fundamental properties of gun ownership.

YOU can change that. With training from EDGE Firearms you can gain the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill any level of firearm ownership.

From our Basic class series you can learn the skills necessary to safely operate, shoot, clean, and store firearms. Pistol or rifle, these courses are designed for the first-time firearm owner, or those who may wish to gain needed knowledge about their firearms.

From our Advanced classes you can learn how to apply the defensive mindset when carrying a firearm for personal protection, how to carry a firearm for concealment, what legal aspects apply to carrying a firearm, through the application of your firearm in a defensive situation. Designed for skilled shooters, these courses build on the skills acquired from the Basic series as well as further shooting experience outside of the classroom.

Each of the offered classes fulfills the requirements of ARS 13-3112 otherwise known as the Concealed Weapons Permit law applicable in Arizona. Take and pass one of our classes and you will receive a packet to apply for your Concealed Weapons Permit.