EDGE Firearms

Transfer Policies

1. Should buyer have firearm transferred to EDGE Firearms and fail to pass background check, the firearm will NOT be transferred to buyer. Buyer may not "have a friend do the transfer" as this is against the law. No by proxy transfers. It is the law.

2. Should buyer fail to complete the transfer within 45 calendar days of receipt of delivery by EDGE Firearms the firearm will transfer to EDGE Firearms and become the property of said company. At the 45 day mark, unless prior arrangements are agreed upon, the firearm is considered abandoned property. EDGE Firearms holds no responsibility to pay original buyer any monies for the property, sell the property for the original buyer, or in any other manner attempt to "get rid" of the firearm for the buyer. If the property is surrendered and transferred to EDGE Firearms, the firearm becomes the sole property of the company. EDGE Firearms holds ZERO responsibility to pay any monies to original seller of firearm if it falls under the abandoned property policy as outlined above. NO money will be returned to original seller should abandoned property be sold by EDGE Firearms.

3. Firearms cannot be returned to seller under normal circumstances, however should buyer and seller arrange for the return of the firearm, buyer will pay $20 transfer fee, USPS Priority shipping fees, and a 5% convenience fee based upon the market value of the firearm.

4. We can and do hold firearms for customers who may be traveling or otherwise unable to accept immediate transfer of their item. We do not charge a fee for this service, we only ask that communication is established in order for us to know of the delay. The 45 day policy will not apply under normal circumstances when we are aware of a need to delay your transfer.