Why a CCW??

Or as it is more commonly referred to "Why do I need a CCW since Arizona no longer requires me to have one...?"

EDGE Firearms

Why a CCW? There are many reasons why one should consider obtaining or carrying a permit with them. Some of the reasons often heard are that carrying one is an exercise in the Right to Bear Arms, or that the permit holder received theirs before the law changed, or that the permit holder wants to show responsible citizenry.

Often overlooked, but a valuable tool, a valid CCW permit often allows the owner to purchase a firearm from a reputable dealer who recognizes the legal requirements of the CCW and that a background check has been done on the permit holder, sometimes saving time concerning the federal instant background check process. More information about the federal background process can be found here.

Whatever your reason, EDGE Firearms has the classes you are looking for to fulfill ARS 13-3112 otherwise known as the Concealed Weapons legal requirements in Arizona.